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A Website Checklist September 17, 2010

Filed under: Arts Marketing,Business of Arts,Marketing with websites — Rebecca Coleman @ 5:53 am

You know you need a website, right? But not just any website. You need something that is designed with usability in mind (meaning, people who aren’t super technically adept can find their way around with a minimum of effort), is graphically pleasing to the eye, and has the right information (and not too much of it) on there.

Though an art website is the beginning of the selling process, a poorly designed and ineffective website can stop a prospect from investigating that artist’s work further.  A professional artist website should have the following 10 basics for a visitor to evaluate whether they want additional information about the artist, their art work and experience.

This great article on Artsy Shark has a checklist of 10 items that should be on your website.

Click to read the rest of the article.

Hat-tip to Lili Vieria De Carvalho.


One Response to “A Website Checklist”

  1. Sue Says:

    good article and good ten things. I would add to make your contact info/link easy to find – so many website have the contact information at the very bottom of the page, in seven point font, greytone. Don’t make me search for your contact info – it really should be visible above the fold, preferably not only included as an option in drop down menu. One click. : )

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