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9000 Km in 4 days August 30, 2010

Filed under: Australia — Rebecca Coleman @ 1:52 pm

The travelling Social Media show has hit the road! We left Melbourne at noon on Sunday, and flew into the Gold Coast of Australia, Surfer’s Paradise, to be exact. Let me tell you, they don’t call it Paradise for nothing. There is beach as far as you can see, and not just any beach. Fine, white sand, perfect, pristine, hardly even a seashell. Rollers crashing up on the beach. I dipped my toes in the Australian ocean.

Monday morning: our venue for the workshop is The Gold Coast Arts Centre, a stunning facility that houses theatres, movie theatres, art galleries and restaraunts. I am in awe of this resource, it’s completely amazing. We do our workshop for about 30 in a basement room that is usually a cabaret space. Wonderful day. Great feedback.

megan shorey meganshorey

@rebeccacoleman it’s been a great day full of brain food – Thank you both 🙂

Jonathan Bee-Dub jbutlerwhite

Everywhere I go lately, I have amazing conversations about social media w/ Canadians. Thanks @rebeccacoleman for a fantastic seminar today.

eduardomurillo eduardomurillo

Did a Social Network Marketing seminar with @rebeccacoleman at The Art Centre Gold Coast. She knows her stuff & learned some new marketing.

A cab is waiting for us at the door at 5 pm, we grab our stuff and dash without hardly saying goodbye. We get to the airport, check in, have some dinner while waiting for the plane, then board for the nearly three-hour flight to Adelaide.

Today, we do the workshop here, and then dash out the door to the airport for a flight back to Melbourne. Then, tomorrow morning, I am on a flight home.

All together, 9000 Km in four days. My head is spinning, but I am also so grateful to have had this experience. I’ve learned so much and been so inspired by the amazing energy of the workshop participants.

I miss my son, so I’m happy to be getting home, but Australia, I’ll be back! You’ve been warned!

And no doubt will write future posts on what I’ve absorbed here, as it all has a chance to settle.


3 Responses to “9000 Km in 4 days”

  1. Kate Foy Says:

    Another ‘next time’ for your list …. Sunshine Coast … whops the heck out of the Gold Coast. 🙂

  2. What a great experience. You have me wanting to come to Australia now. Hope you’ll write more about your workshops and what/if you found different.

  3. I learned so much, John! About Australia, how they manage their arts, and some really great cool new marketing ideas that we are not using here.
    I will write about all of this. Right now, I feel like I have to process it, and then there’s the jetlag… It’s going to take some time.

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