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More Facebook updates September 14, 2009

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I gotta hand it to the Facebook people–they are listening, and they are trying to keep up. You may have noticed that FB is looking a little different these days–on Sept 5, they went through yet another redesign.

Over the last little while, they’ve been introducing more and more features to help people who have businesses to better connect with their clients and potential audience.

Facebook to Twitter:

While many Twitter applications allow you to post both to Twitter and to your Facebook status, now Facebook allows you to post to your Facebook status and Twitter, if you have a fan page for your business. Click here for the link.

@ Replies on Facebook:

I’ve noticed people using the @ reply (which is standard on Twitter) on Facebook, as well. It doesn’t work in the same way–if you use the @ on Twitter, Twitter lets you know that someone has directed a comment at you. Facebook does not do this. If you want to have a conversation with someone, you basically have to monitor it yourself. However, Mashable reported last week that you soon will be able to @ people on Facebook. Click here to read the article.

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2 Responses to “More Facebook updates”

  1. thenextstage Says:

    Ah yes, the slow, inexorable march towards twitterizing Facebook. Just a note Bex, FB actually does send you an email alert when you’re @’d in a wall post, it’s up live now. Basically you type the @ and then start typing a friend’s name, and a pop-up list of your friends lets you choose who you’re talking about. Clicking on that friend turns their name into a link which can be clicked through to their page, and they get a notification via email. The @ symbol doesn’t show up on the update as it does in twitter. It’s basically works like photo tags always have. It does not, however, work in comments, just in status updates and wall posts.

    I suppose we’ll be seeing re-posts soon?

  2. It makes me feel like Facebook must be feeling very threatened by Twitter for them to be doing all this.

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