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Theatre Tweeple II July 17, 2009

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In February, I put up a post of Theatre people that I follow. That was a few months ago, and I’ve acquired a few since then. In honour of #FollowFriday, here they are (in geographic order):


@CTibbs: Camilla Tibbs, Vancouver

@AtomicVille: Atomic Vaudville Theatre Company, Victoria

@TUTSstanleypark: Theatre Under The Stars, Vancouver

@VancouverOpera: Vancouver Opera, Vancouver

@VanMusicals: An aggragator of musicals in Vancouver

@VanFitz: Michael Fitzpatrick, a theatre admin-type in Vancouver

@foyee: Artistic Associate at Theatre Conspiracy

@playenthusiast: Sally Bent, Vancouver

@solocollective: Solo Collective, Vancouver

@ashleywhillans: Ashley Whillans, actor, Vancouver

@Miss00V: Veronica Campbell, actor, Vancouver

@PraxisTheatre: Praxis Theatre, Vancouver

@Karess: Kaare Long, Administrator, Vancouver

@tentativeequinox: Vancouver

@lacovee: Janis La Covee, Theatre Patron, Victoria

@NicoleMcLuckie: Nicole McLuckie, Publicist, Arts Club Theatre, VAncouver

@powellstfest: Powell St Festival, Vancouver, BC

@Blue_Bridge: Blue Bridge Theatre, Victoria

@DreamRiderTheatre: Port Moody, BC

@TheArtsClub: The Arts Club Theatre, Vancouver

@ShiftArts: Shift Arts: performance art, Port Moody

@RentInVancouver: Rent, Fighting Chance Productions, Vancouver

@thezoocrew: Itsazoo Productions, Vancouver/Victoria

@GillianRFTH: Gillian Lockitch, Theatre blogger/reviewer, VAncouver

@THTReplacement: Theatre Replacement, Vancouver

@TheWriterlyLIfe: Andrea Warner, theatre reviewer/blogger, Vancouver

@NewWorldTheatre: New World Theatre, Vancouver

@ChanCentre: The Chan Centre, Vancouver

@BizBooks: Biz Books, Vancouver’s only theatre/film bookstore

@Audrey_Bee: Adriana Bucz, theatre admin, Vancouver

@vancouverfringe: The Vancouver Fringe festival

@broadus: Broadus, actor, Vancouver

@EmilyKindred: Emily Kindred, Vancouver

@Ryaninvancouver: Ryan Mooney, AD, Fighting Chance Productions, Vancouver

@RandiAndreychuk: Randi Andreychuck, Actor, Vancouver

@theatre_20, Sabrina Evertt, Twenty-something Theatre, Vancouver

@kennedyg: Kennedy Goodkey, actor, producer, Vancouver

@getrealtheatre: Get Real Theatre, Tswassen


@CanadasNAC: The National Arts Centre in Ottawa

@sterlinglynch: Actor/writer, Ottawa

@YvetteDudley: Yvette Dudley Newman, Actor

@ottawafringe: The Ottawa Fringe Festival

@nestruck: Kelly Nestruck, Theatre reviewer, The Globe and Mail, Toronto

@canstageco: The Castage Company, Ottawa


@Theatresmart: Ann Sachs, NYC Theatre designer

@the_ahtist: Katherine Mills, South, Actor.

@TheNOLAProject: The NOLA Project, New Orleans

@BairdWilliamson: Baird Williamson, producer

@fishbowlmuse: Chloe Whitehorn, Actor

@KrisVire: Kris Vire, theatre editor, Time Out Chicago

@RyanNewYork: Ryan Davis, Musical director, NYC

@cindyoconnor: Cindy O’Connor, Actor, LA

@Gfiremark: Gordon Firemark, Theatre Producer, LA

@geoffshort: Geoff Short, Actor/Producer, Cleveland, OH


@sdrosenb: Scott Rosenblum, Theatre Producer, NYC

@ActorsandCrew: employment in theatre

@bilald: Bilal Dardai, Actor, NYC

@hidtal: HIdden Talent Theatre, Chicago

@DanielKuney: Daniel Kuney, GM, NYC

@TuttoTheatre: Tutto Theatre, Austin, TX

@CambiareProd: Cambiare Productions, Austin, TX

@thedavidbeach: David Beach, Actor, LA

@chriscasquilho: Depot Theatre, NY

@willactforfood: Will Act for Food, Chicago

@jodisc: Jodi Schoenbrun Carter, Producer, Westport, CT

@columbiajames: James Sims, Theatre writer, NYC

@dloehr: David Loehr, Riverrun Theatre Co

@happierman: Jeffery Cranor, Actor, Brooklyn

@NYneofuturists: NY Neofuturists, NYC

@fullcircletheat: Full Circle Theatre, NYC

@ivanvega: Ivan Vega, actor, Chicago

@millar: Millar, Actor

@starstrucklynna: Lynna, actor, Massachusetts

@aboutfacechi: About Face Theatre, Chicago

@floggingkatie: Katie Barry, NY

@AtlanticTheater: Atlantic Theater Co, NY

@eclipsetheatre: Eclipse Theatre Co, Chicago

@gglasstheatre: Lookingglass THeatre, Chicago

@halcyontony: Tony Adams, AD, Halcyon Theatre, Chicago


@pinteresque: Billy Hiscoke, SM out of London

@jordanmechano: Jordan Mechano, Actor, Tehran

@TMTPlayers: The Melbourn Town Players, Australia

@royalcourt: Royal Court Theatre, London

@bs10064: Brian Swann, actor, Belfast

@findo: Andrew Findo, Baritone, London

@musicthetresth: Music Theatre South, South of England

Please report errors and omissions in the comments section below! (apologies to you in advance if I forgot you!)

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9 Responses to “Theatre Tweeple II”

  1. Dennis Baker Says:

    Hope you don’t mind if I add myself to the list. Thanks for the connections…

    @dennisbaker: Dennis Baker, Actor/Teaching Artist, New York

  2. ajallegra Says:

    You rock!

  3. Deb Pickman Says:

    I’m crying a little at being left out and drying my eyes long enough to shamelessly add two Twitter feeds:


    @TheatreUBC The Theatre Program at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver


    @shamelesshussy shameless hussy productions

  4. Such a great idea – thanks for sharing the list and for putting me on it!

  5. Jessie (@JessievanRijn) Says:

    This is lovely- thanks for the list. I joined the brigade today as well…

    (Moi-General Manager of Carousel Theatre in Vancouver, BC)

    (Carousel Theatre for Young People in Vancouver, BC)

  6. David Beach Says:

    lol… imagine my surprise when I go to the list to find some cool people and my own name is on here… lol… Thank you.. you made my day….


  7. Thanks so much for including me. BTW, I’m a composer, not an actor.

    I’ll definitely follow a bunch of these people.

  8. Yvette Says:

    Thanks for including me Rebecca 🙂

  9. dtrasler Says:

    Quite a scarily long list – I have trouble keeping track of the people I’m following now – but this looks worth the effort Thanks for this!

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