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Vote for the Arts May 11, 2009

Filed under: Politics of Arts — Rebecca Coleman @ 5:17 pm

Tomorrow, here in BC, we will have a provincial election.

Up until quite recently, I used to be one of those people that was pretty apathetic about politics. I just figured everyone was a crook, and my one little vote was not going to make  any difference in the grand scheme of things. Then I went to work at The Alliance for Arts and Culture in Vancouver.

Among the myriad of things that they do there, is advocacy, and you can’t be apathetic for long when you work in that kind of environment. So, now I’m on the other side: I’m encouraging you, if you live in BC, to get out tomorrow and vote. And, because I am not non-partisan, but just myself, I’m encouraging you to vote for anyone but the Liberals.

The Liberals have a horrible track record when it comes to supporting the arts. Over the last few years, they have cut funding to the arts by 40%. Okay, to be fair, the NDP, who used to be in power, weren’t that much better, but they at least have the arts on their platform, and have pledged to restore the 40% cut by the Liberals. I hope they keep their promise if they get elected.

The Assembly of British Columbia Arts Councils and the Alliance have put together a campaign/information package called: Vote: Put Your HeART In It. Check it out for information about artists and our place in the economy.

And then get out and vote.

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