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6 Responses to “Logo-a-go-go”

  1. JEANNE Says:

    They look fabulous!! I can’t even pick a favourite because they all have good things about them…

  2. I like the bottom logo. Of course it reminds me of my Rosh logo (you can see what I mean at

    all the best


  3. thenextstage Says:

    And make sure they pass the t-shirt test. Would you want a shirt with the logo on it? Would it make a great sticker for someone’s journal or bumper?

    That’s it Bex, next stop, RCM&MR merch! I’ll take two in a large and a ball cap…

  4. JanetB Says:

    thenextstage makes an excellent point. A logo needs to be scalable and look good in black and white and colour as it will most likely be reproduced on a variety of media. If you do start producing RC “swag” I’d like a touque.

  5. titaniaproductions Says:

    I just found this great blog entry on the Business Mentoring for the Arts blog on building your personal brand:

  6. I love your blog, your whole blog is really very attractive and the third one logo is very pretty.

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